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Date: 11/12/20 Time: 3:00 pm Location: Gym & Virtual

Members in Attendance:


Visitors in Attendance:


Agenda Items:

  1. Welcome and call meeting to order 
  2. Approval of minutes from our last meeting
  3. Review school data
    1. Look at the most current Acadience data
  4. Review changes needed to TSSP and Land Trust plans.
    1. Other needs:
      1. Sound system for the gym and cafeteria
      2. Additional Chromebooks
      3. Apple TV’s
      4. Gaga Ball equipment
    2. Alternatives to the CAYCI survey questions (that we can’t use because it wasn’t given at the end of last year due to the pandemic)
  5. Discuss our Digital Citizenship Plan for the year (Cathy Jarman)
  6. Discuss School Safety Plan
  7. School Living Leader
    1. Who it is
    2. What they do
  8. School Safety and Security
    1. Safety Drill report for October
  9. Closing


Upcoming Meetings:

  • Our next meeting is scheduled for December 10.  Should we cancel that meeting and meet on Jan 14 instead?

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