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SCC Year-End Summary 2012-2013 August 2013

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Sandy Elementary

School Community Council News

Year-End Summary 2012-2013

August 2013

Hello Families!

Each school in the state is required by law to have a School Community Council (SCC) consisting of both parents and school employees.  This group has many responsibilities including input and discussion regarding school safety, school improvement, and school use of LAND trust money. 

The law states that we must have more parent members than school employees.  We are in need of new parent members.  If you are interested in running for a position on the SCC for a two-year term, please sign below and return to the school’s office by Monday, August 26.  Elections will be held during September and our first meeting will be held in October.  Meetings are held every other month and as needed. 

Below is a summary of SCC activities and events for 2012-2013.

LAND Trust Money:  Each year the school receives funds from the LAND trust program in the state; the SCC must approve how these funds are used each year. For the 2013-2014 school year, the SCC has approved the use of LAND trust money to pay for music, art, and computer aides to work directly with students each day.

Academic Improvement:  The SCC approved and/or reviewed the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.

Fund Raising:  The SCC is not a fund-raising body, but has chosen to have one fundraiser a year--our spring carnival.  The carnival this past spring was a huge success, with new additions.   A discussion will occur this fall regarding the funds raised at our spring carnival. 

Safety: The SCC approved the safe walking route for the school. 

Meeting Schedule:  We are required to post the SCC meeting schedule for the year.  These meeting dates will be posted on the community information bulletin board in the school and also on the school’s website.  Regular meetings are held at the school starting at 3:45 in the school’s conference room. Please feel free to attend any SCC meeting.  Minutes for these meetings are also available on the website. The school’s website is: http://sandyelementary.wikispaces.com/Faculty+and+Staff

Contact:  You can contact the SCC (see the SCC link on the school’s website) by contacting any member of the SCC.  Members’ names and information are on the website.

Yes, I would like to be nominated to be a member of Sandy Elementary’s SCC:

Name:______________________________________________                     Phone:________________

Student’s Name:___________________________________              Student’s Teacher:_____________

Please return to the school by Wednesday, August 28, 2013