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Upcoming SCC Agenda

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Sandy Elementary

School Community Council
October 3, 2013

$11)  Welcome

$12)  New members

$1a.    Contact info for Sandra

$1                                              i.     Website info for school

$1b.    Must have 2 more parent members than staff

$1                                              i.     Appoint new members

$1c.    Chair, co-chair

$1d.    Responsibilities

$13)  Review minutes from last spring

$14)  Review of Final Plan for November deadline

$15)  Community Schools

$16)  Wellness Plan

$17)  Carnival

$1a.    School fundraiser

$1b.    How was it?

$18)  Website for required video:

$1a.    http://www.schoollandtrust.org/

$19)  Future discussion points:

$1a.    CSIP

$1b.    LAND Trust money

$1c.    Safe Walking Route

$1d.    Reading Achievement Plan

$1e.    Staff Professional Development

$110)                Meeting Schedule for 2012-2013:

October 3, 2013

December 5, 2013

January 30, 2014

March 13, 2014

April 24, 2014

Dates in May as needed

Dear Principals,

In the spirit of community engagement, it is my pleasure to announce that Rickie McCandless has been selected as the Superintendent Search Consultant to the Board of Education. 

As you may recall, former Superintendent Dr. David Doty resigned effective June 30, 2013 to take a job with an education reform firm. Since that time, the administration of Canyons District has been in the capable hands of Dr. Ginger Rhode, who, prior to her appointment as Interim Superintendent, served as Canyons’ Deputy Superintendent and Chief Academic Officer.

Ms. McCandless was selected by the Board earlier this month following a public RFP process in accordance with the Board’s Superintendent Search Timeline. Ms. McCandless is an instructor at the University of Utah’s Urban Institute for Teacher Education, and a respected former educational leader in Salt Lake City School District and member of the Canyons School District Educational Transition Team. She brings to the superintendent search process a wealth of knowledge about public education leadership and Canyons School District, and we as a Board of Education look forward to working with her.

Ms. McCandless is working to schedule visits to school communities to receive patron and employee feedback regarding the qualities and characteristics the new superintendent should possess, and soon will be in touch with you. She expects to conduct stakeholder meetings throughout October and part of November. The feedback she receives will inform the job posting for Canyons Superintendent, which we expect to publish at the outset of 2014.

We welcome Ms. McCandless to our schools to receive stakeholder feedback as part of the superintendent search process, and have no doubt you will enjoy working with her in this important endeavor. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Respectfully yours,

Sherril H. Taylor


Canyons Board of Education