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SCC minutes Dec. 5

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School Community Council


December 5, 2013

In Attendance:  Sandra Dahl-Houlihan, Diana Wallace, Kenda Rose, Andrea Blaney, Rachelle Pease, Rebekah Cowdell, Jennifer Wright, Brooke Christensen, Tasha Escher, Catherine Howe, Claudia Seeley, Katie Bradshaw, Allie Weaver, and Andrea Henderson.

 Reviewed minutes from the meeting of October 3, 2013.

$11.     The District has approved an equalization of money received from cell towers.  Our school has received $2,040.00.  A motion was made by Sandra to use $1,000.00 of this money to fund our school play and $1,040.00 for teacher/student incentives.  This motion was approved unanimously.

$12.     The remainder of this meeting was spent with Claudia Seeley.  She is conducting meetings throughout the District to receive input on the next Superintendent of the District.

Minutes reviewed and approved.