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Welcome Back Sharks! Just to clarify the information below, we will have Meet Your Teacher Hour (open house) from 2:00 to 3:00 pm. Then at 3:00 pm we will begin our Back to School Informational Rotations in our grade level classrooms. They will be 20 minutes long and Spanish translation will be available at different times. You only have to attend the grade level sessions you have children attending. Please plan accordingly. Our sessions will end at 4:00 pm and we ask at that point you exit the building so our teachers can make final preparations for the first day of school the following day. Thank you!

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90th South Update

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We just received this information from UDOT regarding the project on 90th south. We were informed that the project will run through the entire school year and finalize as the school year is wrapping up (if everything goes according to plan). UDOT and Sandy City have worked closely together to make the crossing as safe as possible. Additional crossing guards have been put in place and they must have a solid crossing area in place at all times.

Acabamos de recibir esta información de udot con respecto al proyecto del 90 al sur. Se nos informó de que el proyecto va a correr durante todo el año escolar y finalizar a medida que el año escolar está terminado (si todo va según el plan). Udot y sandy city han colaborado estrechamente para hacer que el cruce sea lo más seguro posible. Se han puesto en marcha otros guardias de cruce y deben tener una zona de cruce sólida en todo momento.

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