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Canyons School District's Vision, Mission, Values, Tenets, and Indicators (Visión, Misión, Valores, Principios, e Indicadores del Distrito Escolar Canyons)

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On October 4, 2016 the Canyons School District's School Board, along with our Superintendent, Dr. Briscoe, released their updated vision.  The document below not only outlines their vision, but clearly identifies what our district values and what we will be working toward collectively.  The staff of Sandy Elementary are excited about this document and look forward to doing our part to help the district as a whole meet it's goals.

pdfCSD School Board's Vision: 10-4-16

El 4 de Octubre, 2016 el Consejo Escolar del Distrito Escolar Canyons, junto con nuestro Superintendente, Dr. Briscoe, publicaron su visión actualizada.  El documento abajo no solo resume su visión, sino claramente identifica los valores del distrito y para lo que vamos a trabajar colectivamente como grupo. El personal de nuestra escuela están emocionados con este documento y esperamos hacer nuestra parte en ayudar al distrito cumplir con sus metas. 

pdfVisión del Consejo Escolar de CSD: 10-4-16

Sandy's Community School Newsletters (Boletín de Noticias para la Escuela de la Comunidad de Sandy)

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February's Newsletter (Boletín de Noticias de Febrero)

Newsletter, Feb. 2017 (English)

Boletín de Noticias, Feb. 2017 (Español)

December's Newsletter (Boletín de Noticias de Diciembre)

Newsletter, Dec. 2016 (English).pdf

Boletín de Noticias, Dec. 2016 (Español).pdf

November's Newsletter (Boletín de Noticias de Noviembre)

Newsletter, Nov. 2016 (English).pdf

Boletín de Noticias, Nov. 2016 (Español).pdf

October's Newsletter (Boletín de Noticias de Octubre)

Newsletter, Oct. 2016 (English).pdf

Boletín de Noticias, Oct. 2016 (Español).pdf

September's Newsletter (Boletín de Noticias de Septiembre)

Newsletter, Sept. 2016 (English).pdf

Boletín de Noticias, Sept. 2016 (Español).pdf

Time Schedule (Horario)

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Sandy Elementary
Time Schedule

Office Hours:   8:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Friday, August 19th                  Log into Skyward to see who child's teacher is
Tuesday, August 23rd            Meet Your Teacher Hour from 2:00 to 3:00 pm
Wednesday, August 24th     First Day of School for 1st-5th Grade
Monday, August 29th            First Day of School for Pre-School and Kindergarten

Students should NOT arrive to school before 8:00AM.
Breakfast will be served in the classrooms and is FREE to ALL students (optional).

General Time Schedule (Monday - Friday)        Brain Boosters (Music, P.E., Library, Technology)
First Bell:                         8:15                                      Kindergarten            Tues.&Thurs. 12:40-1:45
School Begins:                8:20                                      1st Grade                  Tues. &Thurs.  1:45-2:50
School Ends:                   2:55                                      2nd Grade                 Tues. 10:30-11:35 & Wed. 12:40-1:45
                                                                                         3rd Grade                  Tues. &Wed.  9:25-10:30
                                                                                         4th Grade                  Wed. & Thurs. 10:40-11:40
                                                                                         5th Grade                    Wed. 1:45-2:50 &  Thurs. 9:25-10:30                                                                                                                  

Friday Dismissal Times

First Bell:                         8:15 

School Begins:           8:20 

School Ends:               1:15                                      

Every Friday is an Early Dismissal Day.

Lunch Schedule                                           Recess Schedule /Friday Recess
Kindergarten           11:55-12:35                Kindergarten              10:10-10:25
1st Grade                  11:00-11:40                1st Grade                    1:15-1:30/9:25-9:40
2nd Grade                 11:35-12:30                2nd Grade                   2:10-2:25/10:20-10:35
3rd Grade                  11:15-11:55                3rd Grade                    1:30-1:45/9:50-10:05
4th Grade                  11:45-12:25                4th Grade                    1:55-2:10/10:20-10:35
5th Grade                  11:25-12:05                5th Grade                    9:50-10:05