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Electronic Device Policy


Sandy Elementary

Electronic Device Policy



“Electronic Device”:  means a device that is used for audio, video, or text communication or any other type of computer or computer-like instrument including, but not limited to:

            a smart phone; a smart watch; a tablet; or a virtual reality device.


Terms and Conditions

At Sandy Elementary personal electronic devices and accessories should remain stored, out of sight, and silenced during the school day and on school property.  Administrative exceptions may be granted for students with an IEP, 504 or individual health plan.

All staff and students will adhere to the Network Acceptable use policy that is signed upon registration.

  • Students who bring individual personal electronic devices on school property or to school activities at their own risk.  
  • The District or school is not responsible for borrowed, misused, lost, stolen, or damages to personal electronic devices. 

All students and employees will receive Digital Citizenship skills during STEM brain boosters.  This is done so students can participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and contribute positively in family and civic life.  


Reporting Misuse to Parents

  1. First violation:  The teacher reminds student to turn the Electronic Device to silent and store the device out of sight.
  2. Second violation:  The parent  will be notified to pick up Electronic Device from the office.


Expectations of Privacy

At Sandy Elementary students will only use school owned devices.  Privacy cannot be expected because it is a school owed device. 

Misuse of personal devices cannot be expected to be private since they are not allowed to use personal devices at Sandy Elementary during the school day.

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