"Tardy Taters"

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Tardy Taters Pic 2 copy

Introducing the newest members of our Shark Family…The Tardy Taters! These amazing new friends of ours will be in each and every classroom as a reminder and an incentive to get ALL of our students here and on time every day. Each day that all students are here and on time in their class, they will get to add one of the ten pieces to their “Tardy Tater.” Once their “Tardy Tater” is complete and intact, they will be visited by life size Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads to celebrate with the class and be issued a reward during their class celebration. The process will continue throughout the school year in hopes of decreasing the number of our absences, and especially our tardies/late arrivals. Those minutes, hours, and days add up quickly and are crucial to the success of your child academically. Please join us in doing all you can to get your child(ren) here every day and on time. As a reminder, the tardy bell rings at 8:20. Thank you for your support and help in not only welcoming our “Tardy Taters” to the Shark Family, but most importantly, for helping us to eliminate the serious problem of chronic absenteeism and tardies. You can find more information about our attendance policy and why chronic absenteeism is such a problem here: https://bit.ly/2Ay353U